Thursday, December 02, 2004


Go ahead and post any questions, comments, concerns and replies related to the final project due at the end of class Monday.

I will check this page and respond:

Friday (12/3) between 4-6 pm and again between 9-10
Saturday (12/4) around 10 am and again around 8 or 9 pm
Sunday (12/5) around 10 am and again around 8 or 9 pm
and Monday (12/6) around 6 am

This is mainly a chance for you to get help from your peers. I've already given you lots of help in class so if I don't respond right away (or at all) I apologize, but them's the breaks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Light in the Forest -- Blogfest '04

Yesterday you learned how to create your own "blog" account. Today you are to log in as yourselves and comment on the discussion "blogs" I have posted. Feel free to respond to the comments of others, say what you want, and post what you want so long as you REMAIN RESPECTFUL. This is not a gripe/complain session, nor is it your chance to attack others.

5 pts - Did you post? Prove this by using your name in your comment.
2 pts - Did you post more than once?
5 pts - Were your posts appropriate in length (5 sentence minimum?)? Were you on topic?
3 pts - Did you make specific references, use quotes or include page numbers or chapter

1) Make sure you are logged into your blog by going to and
signing in at the top right part of the screen.
2) Type into the address field of the Internet Explorer
3) Read these directions and the posts below.
4) Read the post
5) Read any comments by clicking on the lower part of the post that says "__
6) To post a comment click on the link that says "__ comments" and select "post a
comment." Follow the directions the site gives you.
7) Continue posting and commenting on different topics, or reply to the comments
of others throughout the period.
8) If you'd like, feel free to continue posting and replying at home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Compare and Contrast the Native American view of freedom with the view settlers had.

Use examples, quotes, or page numbers if you can.

Discuss specific conflicts characters face in the novel.

Use examples, quotes, or page numbers if you can.

Compare and Contrast any two characters

Look at viewpoints of the characters towards the Native Americans and settlers; actions; and beliefs.

Use examples, quotes and page numbers if you can.

Cuyloga, True Son, Del Hardy, Uncle Wilse, Harry Butler, Half Arrow,

Myra Butler, Little Crane, Gordie, Aunt Kate, Parson Elder, Bejance,

Thitpan, Corn Blade, Quaquenga, Alec, Colonel Bouquet, Uncle Owens

How do True Son's attitudes about the settlers change throughout the novel?

Do they change? When do they change? How do they change?
Do they remain the same? To what extent?

Give examples, page numbers or quotes if you can.

Compare and Contrast Native American and Settler Cultures

According to the novel, how are the two cultures the same? Different?
Give specific page numbers and examples/quotes if you can.